About Us
Company Profile

Incorporated in Hong Kong since 1992, Telefield Ltd. is an electronic products manufacturing company dealing in EMS – Electronics Manufacturing Services business covering mainly the followings :

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturing.
ODM – Original Design Manufacturing.

In addition to our headquarter in Hong Kong, we have our R&D centre in Shenzhen, China to provide support for EMS. Our manufacturing arms are in Guangzhou, China.

Our objective is to act as a "Total Solution Provider" for our clients and we have been offering including R&D engineering service in Telecommunication products and the related accessories, multi-media products, hi-end entertainment products, healthcare products , babycare and monitoring systems, electronic module for household appliances and consumer electronics products.

Other than our manifest policy to provide our clients with superior service and quality products, we are also committed to environmental protection and continuous self-perfection in terms of service and product quality. Development of new products to meet the need of our clients is always in our agenda.